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Spinal Tap

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Spinal Tap is arguably the best documentary ever made.

It amazes me that they were able to find all of the original band members to do the commentary (sadly the drummer had in fact passed on since the filming of the original movie).

This commentary is remarkable in that it was done a decade or more after the movie was released.

If you love the original documentary, you really need to listen to the dvd commentary.

I also note that there are some additional scenes, one of which includes the great Bruno Kirby (the limo driver) smoking pot and singing Sinatra in his underwear.

For obvious reasons, this dvd commentary is officially inducted in to the hall of fame.


Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Given that Adam McKay (director and writer) and Will Ferrell (actor and writer) give a fantastic informal and off-the-charts profane commentary to Anchorman…

Given that McKay and Ferrell are filthy and clever…

Given that you learn very little about the actual movie, other than that the director and the writers are degenerate hilarity makers…

Given that was forced to use the term “degenerate hilarity makers” to accurately describe this dvd commentary… 

The Anchorman dvd commentary is officially inducted into the hall of fame!

This is a must hear DVD Commentary.  With the tremendous opinions of McKay and Farrell combined with great cameos from Andy Richter (in person) and Cristina Applegate (via the Cell Phone) this a tour de force.